Diversity and Inclusion

As a certified minority-owned business (MBE, Intellyk embraces values, principles, and beliefs into our organization's culture, approach, and the opportunities that we offer to clients, staff, and suppliers. Being recognized for thought leadership skills in supplying workforce, we help clients to build a combination of workforce talents, as well as achieve diversified culture.

Intellyk Diversity Program

We comprehend and recognize the value of Diversity and we include as well help clients in including diverse workforce talents and suppliers, resulting in:

  • Diverse supply chain, cost-efficient, value-driven
  • Enhanced performance
  • Support and growth of business

Intellyk's Commitment to Diversity

Our commitment towards establishing the diverse workforce platform is achieved by active participation and support from organizations that look forward for having diverse businesses, such as:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Other bodies like local, state and national councils, organizations and events


Hiring Strategy

We utilize a 3-phase, 9-step recruiting methodology to delivering best-fit talent on-demand - when, where and how it is needed.

Delivery Model

Our delivery model is focused on 5 key concepts - Quality, Compliance, Cost, Coverage & 360-degree fitment.

Outcome focus

We focus on integrated approach by aligning our solution and staffing strategy with business goals of our customers.


Comprehensive benefits program for our consultants. Intellyk retains more than 95% of its workforce.

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