Military Recruitment Strategy

At Intellyk, supporting veterans is part of our company's vision and goal. We comprehend that military veterans and their spouses have great knowledge and are vivid thinkers. Veterans adhere to powerful work ethics, easily adapt and build long-lasting relationships.

We, at Intellyk have designed the Veterans to Employment Program (V2E) to help participants quickly learn the basic skills of Software Development, Software Quality Assurance and Process Automation through classroom training, reference materials and hands-on workshops and lab exercises.

The program will cover the following aspects:

  • Provide basic skills in the area of Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life Cycle and Business Analysis, allowing all participants to have a common terminology and understanding of the techniques and tools.
  • Training offered on specific development and testing skills, including Software Testing Methodology, Automated Testing Tools, Web Development and Process Automation.
  • Assistance in obtaining industry-standard certification that will provide a testament to their skills and knowledge.
  • Offer coaching in soft-skills allowing participants to combine their technical skills with excellent communication skills to become effective workers in a corporate environment.
  • Ongoing support for the first 6 months of the assignments in the form of technical support and mentoring programs.
  • Up skilling opportunities that allow participants to continually gain new skills and become skilled players of their projects.

Intellyk Veterans to Employment Program (V2E) Process:

  • Intellyk offers a full-cycle Military Talent Program that addresses all phases of the process from sourcing, drawing candidate's attention and recruiting through on-boarding, integration, and retention.

  • Our flexible methods of interview provide qualified candidates based on the client request and our hiring methods include:

    • National and Regional Hiring Conferences
    • Company-Exclusive Hiring Events
    • Virtual Interviews
    • Direct Submission

  • Intellyk's team of former Military Recruiters source talents from a various local and overseas military installations on an ongoing basis. We provide a huge number of high-quality military talents who are screened, assessed, and matched in terms of hiring criteria. We ensure to provide talents consistently.

  • Intellyk leverages unmatched reach and network within the military community to provide an impact far beyond traditional recruiting efforts. Our customized, multi-layer marketing campaign will position you as an Employer of Choice for Military Talent, and create a renewing pipeline of talented, well-matched veterans for the organization.

Within our Veterans to Employment Program (V2E), we make sure the recruitment and selection policy not only fulfils the requirements of a job but also ensures that an organization will continue to maintain its commitment to providing equal employment opportunities to veterans. Adherence to such a program will let us hire the best possible candidates for your organization.



Hiring Strategy

We utilize a 3-phase, 9-step recruiting methodology to delivering best-fit talent on-demand - when, where and how it is needed.

Delivery Model

Our delivery model is focused on 5 key concepts - Quality, Compliance, Cost, Coverage & 360-degree fitment.

Outcome focus

We focus on integrated approach by aligning our solution and staffing strategy with business goals of our customers.


Comprehensive benefits program for our consultants. Intellyk retains more than 95% of its workforce.

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