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Published September 27, 2022

Semiconductor Professional And Technical Resources

The Challenge

A Chicago, IL-based manufacturing company was having difficulty finding qualified Professional service & technical resources for their busy peak season and chain expansion. Adding to the challenge, turnover rates were also on the rise.

The Action Plan

Upon learning more about the company and its challenges, Intellyk created a custom hiring solution


Implement an extensive pre-screening and orientation program


Check-in on first-day assignments to offer additional coaching and guidance for candidates


Meet with the client weekly to create more visibility and proactively address any concerns


Cultivate relationships with supervisors and leads on all shifts

The Result

Intellyk helped reduce turnover and fill a number of their positions with qualified people, including growing – and maintaining – the Sales & Marketing group with 50 additional professional & technical resources. Intellyk is now assisting seven departments within the company to find qualified talent.

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