Payroll Solution

Intellyk effectively designs and manages huge and complex payroll for small, medium and large organizations across the world. Our payroll operational experts offer customers with timely solutions covering a diverse workforce from local and international regions.

Hassle-free Payroll solution

Intellyk's payroll solution is faster and easier and helps clients to save money. Our online/manual timesheet management system validates the input received and prepares consolidated reports for processing salaries. We provide details about tax deductions, insurance, benefits and compensation according to company policy. Tailoring to the client needs, Intellyk offers electronic or manual payslips reflecting gross earnings, allowances, benefits, deductions in the net pay. Our finance department team ensures that all invoicing elements are maintained confidentially and securely in accordance with national and international data protection laws.

Our billing process is designed as per your needs. This includes

  • Listing of all your criteria like hours/days, department, designation, location, date, events, etc.
  • Supplying required back-up date such as timesheets, approved expenses, etc. for validation
  • Providing complete flexibility in format and structure involved in invoice processing
  • Provide an expert to resolve all your queries related to finances

Features of our payroll solution

  • Global payroll solutions
  • Electronic timesheets
  • Accuracy and timely
  • Data protected
  • Adhering to data protection laws

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