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With a vision of connecting real talent and skills to the right opportunity, Intellyk Inc. was founded in 2017. The organization is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise that takes pride in long-term relationships with our clients that endure the test of times. Since our inception, our commitment to quality has earned the trust of over 100 customers, including Fortune 500 companies and governments across sectors. Today, the organization offers talent and technology solutions to organizations in a wide range of sectors, from Automotive, Financial Services, IT, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Utility industries to Federal and State Governments worldwide.


Headquartered in Piscataway, NJ, it operates through its 25 locations across the US, India, and other nations.

Intellyk Inc. has deep expertise in Search and Staffing, Consulting, Workforce Management and Technology Migration & Support backed by a team of highly experienced industry professionals with over 100+ men years of proven cumulative experience.

Our Executive Team

Vineet Kumar

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Mannish Yadav

Vice President - Business Operations

The Leadership Team

Mary Palaparthy

Director - Operations & Global Mobility

Gaurav Mishra

Director - IT Services

Manoj Tiwari

Head - Inside Sales

Our Pursuits & Mission Statement

We aim to make a mark and build a leading brand as –

A reliable and trusted partner for your talent and technology needs of today and tomorrow.

Our goal is to go beyond the call of duty and exceed expectations each time for our clients and customers through our constant striving. We persevere with grit and thoughtfulness with the ability to provide a complete portfolio of solutions delivered through professionalism, ethics, innovation, expertise, and hard work.

Our Story So Far

Humble Beginnings

Founded as Intellyk Inc. in 2017
Starting from a humble beginning with 3 significant clients and only 60 employees on board, we began operating from 2 locations in the USA. At first, we started by assisting clients with their talent needs. Began as IT staffing & talent solutions to the IT industry, Energy & Utility sectors, and governments.

In 2018

The very next year, we received accreditation from NMSDC [National Minority Supplier Development Council] recognized as MBE [certified minority business enterprises] city of New York. We ramped up to $10M of revenue within one year with 150 employees added to support the vision.

In 2019

The story got even more interesting with more than 200 employees working for us, operating from across 10 locations. Then we gained recognition as – INC 500 ‘Fastest growing company’ – a recognized by Nestle for diversity and inclusion goals. While gaining many certifications were attained such as – SWAM Certification, and SDM – Small Diverse Business from the state of PA

The Year 2020

It is the state of a Pandemic with extreme volatility; we kept the momentum steady with 20 top clients on our portfolio and strong partnerships with UI Path & Automation Anywhere. At this time, we were operational from 15 global locations, with more than 250 employees and kept on achieving goals and ranked among the top 5 suppliers in the MSP program.

The Year passed by 2021

A tremendous achievement in gaining the greatest 30 global clients now on our portfolio and keeping the momentum going with more than 300 employees with us.

The year 2022 and beyond

We are a forward-looking organization and are performing at the finest efficiency levels and creating value for 35 top clients. We received fine accreditations from The Joint Commission and MAS IT and aiming for hitting the $30M mark soon. We are proud to provide talent & technology solutions to almost all sectors now, from IT, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy & Utility to recently added Aerospace and Defence Sectors & Governments. 

Our corporate DNA

Our Corporate DNA is aligned with our guiding philosophy to serve employees, customers, and the broader community. The essence is deeply ingrained and serves as a cultural cornerstone. It brings passion and energy to work, knowing that active participation is essential to creating better outcomes. From hiring decisions to handling a demanding customer, our core values guide decision-making in various situations.

we are dependable & empowering

Intellyk Inc. is a dependable partner working relentlessly and dedicated to top-tiered talent’s ethical and successful placement within your business timeline. We are recognized for providing tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their organizational goals.

As a Certified Minority Business Enterprise, Intellyk Inc. embraces diversity as a core component of its corporate culture. We are built on values of intense social consciousness, ethics, and a people-centered approach.

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Our Expert Pool Of Recruiters

Our recruiters are highly trained and seasoned professionals equipped with the right expertise to analyse and understand clients’ requirements. They are deeply invested in your success and hence focused on tailored selection of right candidates accordingly. They recognize the necessity of supplying contracts to clients in a timely and effective manner while staying within budget.

Therefore, our professionals go the extra mile to assist our clients in accomplishing their business objectives. They are experts in delivering services in a highly focused approach with a capable resource base with a positive track record of promptly grasping and exceeding client expectations with minimal intervention and rework at competitive pricing if need be.

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