Information technology is a highly dynamic industry of this age. Needless to say, it is a domain that is swiftly evolving with each passing day. Meeting its constantly evolving talent demand is one of the critical issues of every IT staffing agency. At some levels, the IT industry reflects immense global competition among some of the world’s most coveted organizations. Sourcing and retaining skilled and experienced talents are hence one of the critical challenges of the sector, that companies must realize.

Intellyk has highly recognized for its IT staffing solutions, workforce management and technology solutions company. We are highly favoured among small enterprises and Fortune 500 clients equally, across the nation in IT & Ecommerce industry staffing solutions, workforce management solutions and technology solutions. Primarily, we focus on IT staffing and e-commerce recruitment to mitigate your competition, unravel the challenges of globalization, and reach your talent acquisition goals within revenue and margin pressures.


We provide end-to-end IT staffing solutions to IT firms across the US from entry-level to senior-level roles. Ranging from software developers to architects and analysts to project managers, we have innovative sourcing strategies to get you the right talents within your budget and project timelines.  

Intellyk is popular among IT companies for its comprehensive portfolio that ranges from engineering support, supply chain, logistics, quality assurance, game testers, manufacturing, distributions and customer service for the IT and e-commerce industry.

Our specialists provide you best IT staffing solutions with a help of the perfect amalgamation of their expertise with the power of AI-based matching technology that incorporates decades of placement data.

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"For many of the most prestigious brands in the world, Intellyk is a high-value partner for talent, workforce, and technology solutions. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive domain expertise, market knowledge, industry networks, and talent expertise"

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