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Intellyk has been founded on the core principles of delivering high value to its shareholders while contributing sustainably to the people and planet. For us, fair and efficient facilitation of labor market across the world is of utmost priority while continuously creating a sustainable future—a sustainable future which stands on the pillars of 'planet' and 'people' positivity. We, therefore, have committed ourselves to the United Nation’s SDG goals [Sustainable Development Goals] while creating value and sustainable economic development for the world of work, without inequalities.


To encompass broader ESG priorities in line with the SDG goals, we have four pillars that has highest impact on those we value.

These drivers will positively impact the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As a responsible talent & technology provider, Intellyk Inc. notably contributed to these seven goals, namely - decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), reduced inequalities (SDG 10), gender equality (SDG 5), and quality education (SDG 4), sustainable cities and communities [SDG 11], responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) and Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere (SDG 13).

Prioritizing Economic Growth With Fair Practices

Intellyk promotes economic growth by creating new jobs for people of all skill levels. As a result, we continually contribute to community livelihood as well as economic progress.


We abide by fair principles of governance by operating a transparent business with high ethical standards.


Moreover, we contribute to economic growth of our clients and help them generate more revenue and opportunities for the society by improving their workforce and business goals with our technology and data driven insights with personalized human discernments.  

Committed To Opportunities For All

We strive hard to promote diversity and inclusion for persons who encounter ongoing challenges in finding mainstream career opportunities. As a minority-owned business, we firmly advocate for equal opportunity and labour rights. We are constantly working to protect human rights in order to maximise future employment opportunities for everybody, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or disability.


Our goal is to reach maximum talent beyond search, selection and staffing through various innovative platforms. Our ultimate goal is to be alongside their career path by supporting their employability, upskilling or reskilling endeavors, and offering them with the right opportunities whenever they are in need.


Ensuring Sustainable & Green Consumption Practices As A Resolution On Climate Change

To support our goal of Green consumption and responsible usage we work at many levels. We have a well-laid Environmental Sustainability Policy – that ensures systems and procedures to prevent irresponsible ICT disposal and minimize resource consumption with a planned Travel Policy, ICT Disposal Policy, and agreed shared values towards Climate change issues.


We aim to continue following our path to net zero emissions and remain committed to sustainable methods of working. Our goal is to follow science-based and standard international conventions to minimize our impact. 

Re-shaping The World Of Work By Constant Dialogues With Governments

Intellyk, as a global player in the talent and technology sphere, has extensive experience in the workforce industry. Our goal is to take the lead in influencing the world of work through our everyday interactions with organizations and people, as well as our ongoing conversations with governments and labour organizations.


We aim to generate the potential to affect the work lives of more people by promoting equal opportunities and contributing to the fair functioning of the labour markets.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

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