We believe that simple steps when taken persistently,
leads to meaningful & noticeable outcomes and has
the power to make bigger impacts to the world.

We have been founded and operated on the principles of creating value for our clients and thereby delivering them profits by uniting talents with opportunities, in this way contributing to society, in our own organic manner.

The nature of our primary work is -- connecting real talents to the right opportunity, which literally means linking talents to strategies and opportunities in the world and enabling them to make a meaningful career for themselves that may be helpful in supporting their lives and their families. In this way, our primary objective has always been to create lasting value and sustainable communities. The very nature of our endeavour is to produce a positive impact on individuals and society. This puts social responsibility as Intellyk’s core value.

Our Primary Sustainability Goal

“Creating lasting value by Unification of Talent with Sustainable Employment”

We serve as a bridge to employment for all, connecting the dis-favoured and disenfranchised to opportunities that help them thrive in this competitive era. This is accomplished through our social responsibility values and practices. But it goes deeper than that. As a part of Intellyk, we also work to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and to be a creative and successful agent of change, both locally and globally. Learn more about the sustainability principles and policies at Intellyk.

Social responsibilities as Innate Company Culture

Our internal company culture is an extension of our core beliefs and truly reflects our value system. We are mindful of the impacts of core culture on the work environment, employee expectations, health, and well-being of our company.

We strive to create a socially responsible value system within our organization

Maintain an environment that has respect for individuals and communities.

Being mindful of the significant role that work-life balance plays in people’s lives.

Developing sustainable workplace practices that promote sharing knowledge by collaboration.

Striving to maintain a socially inclusive work environment by implementing innovative strategies.

Sustainability Policy Document

Social Responsibilities at Community Level

As we unite workforce talent and employers together, we commit to long-term sustainable community development. This is our organic way to make our communities more sustainable to live, work and foster prosperity in society. Since the inception of Intellyk, we have considered it our responsibility to be a part of community services. Hence we are actively involved in social empowerment, uplifting, strengthening the neighbourhood & taking initiatives and extending support in community services.

Our team uses our inherent vital areas by focusing on developing the skills of today’s workforce and the future. Our employees contribute to these efforts with their time, knowledge and hard work to non-profits and workforce investment boards.

We have programs wherein we proudly support and promote life-skills development and work readiness for veterans. We put effort into instilling confidence in people who require it, in all age groups and from various walks of life – navigating them toward sustainable and empowered livelihood.

In this way, we work towards our company’s vision of developing a talented workforce that employers require to make robust business outputs while supporting and building the foundation for healthy communities.

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