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We believe that ONE-SIZE-DOES-NOT-FIT-ALL. Our is not an all-purpose solution. We strive to offer you customized solutions that best fit your industry’s specific needs. Whether you are in a manufacturing or a service industry, IT or Healthcare, Financial or Government we provide you solutions to mitigate your challenges, from staffing and workforce management to Digital solutions, that are unique and tailored just for you. We are the fastest growing company of the time and with us, you get an industry-specific team specializing in your field. We are glad to state that we understand your industry's requirements better!
Intellyk focuses on the engineering, construction, manufacturing, IT and Healthcare industries to give you just the right kind of solutions for your targeted pain points. Our major divisions are represented in focused teams, providing you with the flexibility of many options.
We provide innovative Workforce and Digital solutions to practically all industries through partner collaboration. As our client base expands across the country, so does our database of talent, while also expanding our offering of unique solutions. Year after year, the quality of our work is reflected in our exceptional outcomes and expanding client portfolio.

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Contingent Staffing

Reduce overheads with our customized contingent staffing solutions
We offer you customized Contingent workforce support upon assessing your business challenges and pain points with the current permanent and contingency staff. Whether you are looking to ramp up for massive projects that require augmenting your contingent workforce, or you are looking to lean out your existing team and reduce overheads, we are your go-to Contingent Workforce Solutions provider. With our distinct ability to locate you the ideal Contingent staff member who fits well with the company culture and smoothly integrates with your existing team.
We source talents from our extensive database of skilled professionals and use innovative sourcing, screening and engagement tools and tactics to get you the finest contingent staff. in addition, we follow the customary contractual processes, employee administration, and background verification.
With our Contingent workforce solutions, you get real talent, better engagement, maximum retention, and an upsurge in productivity with a reduction in your human resource, administration, employment tax, unemployment insurance and labor compensation.

Direct Hire

Talent experts for your Direct Hire success
Intellyk acknowledges that there are certain positions within the organization necessary to be handled more sensitively due to the nature of their responsibilities or the seniority levels in the organization, for such profiles we offer end-to-end Direct-Hire staffing assistance. We act as an extended arm of your HR staffing function. Ranging from sourcing, screening and authoritatively [Direct Hire Authority] dealing with the apt direct hire professionals for your projects.
We are the award-winning and fastest-growing organization, that understands that a quality workforce has an immediate and long-term impact on business outcomes. We are experts in finding you the best Direct hire candidates, aligned to your organization’s goals, thereby on-boarding candidates who possess the amalgamation of background, experience, skills, and goals to ensure a great fit for your organization.
Rethink your talent acquisition strategies with Intellyk’s Direct Hire staffing solutions, with unparalleled expertise to source your best direct hire positions!

Contract-To-Hire Staffing

Alleviate your hiring risks with hassle-free contract-to-hire staffing solutions
Intellyk Contract-to-Hire staffing solution alleviates your administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees, besides reducing your hiring risks. You can evaluate a contract-to-hire employee’s performance on-site before you extend any kind of full-time, permanent offer, thereby ensuring that the contract-to-hire employee is a perfect fit with co-workers, the work requirement, and the overall culture of the organization, sharing the same vision.
We understand that each new hiring necessitates a significant amount of administrative work hours, consuming important time from your HR and administration departments. Yet, there is still no assurance that the new employee [direct hire employee] will be the right fit for your organization. With Intellyk’s Contract-to-hire staffing solution, you get a hassle-free alternative that guarantees such risks and saves your team's time and efforts. We, together with you, develop an agreed-upon term document which mentions the timeframe that the company will require to evaluate every candidate’s performance. Intellyk retains that contract-to-hire employee on our payroll during that time.

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