4 workplace trends Gen Z is driving in 2023

Nearly three years after the COVID-19 outbreak began, we can no longer reverse the current workplace trends. But it’s evident that the new status quo is not constant in the face of significant economic headwinds and persistent geopolitical shocks.

As we start a new year, the most common workplace trends will continue to alter as a result of new retention and working methods, as well as technical advancements like the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated data analytics.

The Gen Z workforce won’t accept what past generations expected from employers. They have better expectations. Younger job seekers have the power to be pickier, giving employers the opportunity to lift their game and make improvements to attract and retain employees. At the same time, companies continue to struggle to recruit talent. In such a scenario, the organization needs to be aware of the new workplace trends if you plan to hire people from this generation.

Our economic research looked at how the workplace is being shaped and altered by this growing generation. We should be aware of these trends if we plan to hire people from this generation because their needs could alter the employment experience for everyone.

WFH: Remote employment will likely continue to grow

It’s likely that remote work (or at least hybrid) won’t disappear very soon, or at least it shouldn’t. After working from home for two years during the epidemic, the majority of Generation Z is passionate about doing so in the future. Although COVID-19 forced the issue, the demand for remote employment is still high due to worker empowerment and a lack of applications. To fill vacancies, your organization must pay heed to this rising workplace trend of the future and must need to offer remote employment.

A larger applicant pool results from hiring remote workers since employers can select from talent all throughout the country. The competition for talent with businesses in other areas also increases as a result of this. Naturally, not all jobs can be completed remotely. To entice workers to jobs that must be performed in person, employers are providing incentives like higher pay, hiring bonuses, and improved benefits packages.

Give your staff benefits to show them you care.

Gen Z seeks employment with benefits like the best health insurance, work-life balance, and other perks as a rising workplace trend. This is true throughout generations, as we have learnt, and inflation has a significant impact. While more workers are requesting greater salaries, our study reveals that there is also an increase in the need for better benefits, which can provide you with a competitive advantage. This is especially true if you are unable to offer remote or hybrid employment, as perks play a significant role in overall remuneration.

More than ever, company culture is essential.

Generation Z. significantly impacts the culture of businesses. While it might seem obvious, Glassdoor’s research confirms that satisfied employees stick around longer. Employees who give their firm less than a five-star rating on Glassdoor are twice as likely to click on a job opening as those who do.

Work-life balance, health and wellness perks, flexible work schedules and locations, and diversity, inclusion, and equity programmes are all part of the company culture. Employees want to feel appreciated and satisfied at work, not merely make a high wage. Only 49% of those we polled said their organization tracks worker satisfaction and well-being. This emphasis on excellent corporate culture is crucial to Gen Z and new workplace trends. 

Bring your best tactics to attract Gen Z.

Despite the fact that no generation is a monolith, your business will benefit from hiring and keeping Gen Z employees if you keep these suggestions and other workplace trends in mind. Work/life balance, corporate culture, employment location flexibility, and providing better and broader benefits are all areas where your firm may improve to help with recruitment and retention.

It’s impossible to anticipate with any degree of accuracy how shifting economic and commercial trends will affect workplace trends in 2023 as the world of work continues to change. But it’s evident that the pandemic (among other causes) has revolutionized workforce transition, and companies now more than ever need to stay up with evolving workplace trends.

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